Portable phone chargers – PowerBank

Over the years smartphones have started to be more efficient, innovative, but in proportion to their growing capabilities battery life decreases. You sure know that feeling when your phone’s battery shows the last line and you have not brought the charger with you. That’s why the PowerBanks were invented. Today most phones need to be charged daily. Sometimes, if we use games, the internet, and other multimedia entertainment even more often than once a day. And that’s where the idea of PowerBank came from.

A PowerBank is just a portable phone charger, a small device with a built-in lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery that can be recharged multiple times. It will be useful for charging portable devices when we do not have access to electricity from an electrical outlet. After charging the battery, you can carry it with you, for example on an airplane, bus, train or bike.

What portable phone charger do I need?Before you make a choice and purchase it is important to think about and answer a few questions about PowerBanks.

How much extra energy do you need?

If you only use a phone that discharges only once in a while – you just need a small power bank with a capacity of 2000 to 5000 mAh. However, if you travel a lot, you often use the phone, you are all days without access to an electrical outlet, you have several portable devices you want to land – you will need more battery. Then the bigger the capacity, the better. Remember, however, that large capacity products are bigger and heavier.

Where will you wear the PowerBank: in your pocket or in your bag?

The question of the size and weight of the device is just as important as its capacity. Larger batteries can weigh up to 0.5 kilograms. Therefore, if you are planning to carry a power bank in your pocket you need to pay attention to the size of the device. If you want to carry a PowerBank with you in your bag or suitcase, the size may be less important, although always the fewer grams and centimeters, the more comfortable. So good choice of energy bank starts by finding a compromise between capacity and device size.

So considering that, the energy that you need and the size and weight of PowerBank. Choose your portable phone charger wisely because you don’t want to carry a too heavy PowerBank in a pocket and you don’t have it to discharge too fast, speaking of charging your portable phone charger.

How long does a PowerBank load?

Much depends on the capacity of the PowerBank and from the charger itself. For example, powerbank 10,400 mAh charges about 8 hours. In the instructions attached to the PowerBank, it is certainly written how to load it.

How many times can I charge my smartphone with a power bank?

Among consumers, there is a misconception that PowerBank transfers 1: 1 energy to the device. In practice, however, the degree of charge also affects the voltage. Portable batteries have an oscillating performance of 70-90% it’s capacity.

Now you know after reading this article how to prevent your phone from discharging in a crucial moment. You just need to buy a portable phone charger and now you know it’s parameters and on what aspect to pay attention when buying it.